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What Role Does AGV Play In The Storage System?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

With the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, more and more enterprises attach importance to and apply the automated storage system. As we all know, AGV is one of the key equipment of the modern storage system. It has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, safety and flexibility. It has been widely used in recent years.

AGVs are widely used in intelligent storage. What role does AGV play in the storage system?

AGV intelligent storage system can efficiently complete the high-intensity picking work. The "goods to people" picking mode replaces the traditional "people looking for goods" picking mode, greatly saving manual labor and improving the warehousing picking efficiency. For example, in the modern logistics center of an electric company, the AGV selects the product type for sorting and packaging by itself after the system automatically transmits the sorting task, finds the shelf where the products it needs through the optimal route, and then moves the shelf out of the products it needs to sort, thus improving the sorting efficiency.

In addition to realizing the "goods to people" picking, AGV has many new applications in the storage system. For example, AGV is equipped with the fixed pallet stretch packaging equipment, so that it is not necessary to install the pallet drive belt and the safety of the factory is significantly improved and the labor cost is reduced. AGV and robots are fully intelligent managed so as to improve the intelligent management level and effectively avoid the damage caused by personnel factors.

In the traditional warehouse, 60% - 70% of the time is wasted on manual picking up. The application of AGV in the storage system has brought about real improvement, freeing the workers from the ineffective and tedious labor, greatly improving the work efficiency and the AGV can be automatically charged to fully realize the 24-hour round the clock work, which can not be replaced by manual work. Using AGV in the storage system can save 2.6 labor on average, saving labor cost for the enterprise, improving production efficiency and quality, and reducing error rate.

The design purpose of the AGV system is based on the efficiency, concisenese, standardization and modularization of the overall logistics process, and the purpose of effective solutions to maximize the interests of customers. In the whole process of planning intelligent logistics, it is necessary to know whether the application environment is technically feasible; second, how to ensure the stability of the AGV in the actual application process.

AGV system is a dynamic system. To better reflect the efficient work of AGV, most system planning mainly considers the following aspects:

  • The overall layout of logistics lines and the location of AGV loading and unloading stations in the system;

  • Scheduling rules of AGV;

  • Traffic management and operation route planning

  • Planning of AGV quantity in the system.

With the continuous development of AGV technology and the continuous improvement of AGV performance, AGV will have more and more varieties and stronger functions, and its application range will also be continuously extended and expanded. AGV will usher in greater development space.


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