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Headquartered in Metro Detroit, MIWA Robotics is the world’s leading tech company specializing in logistics robot intelligent systems. With its partner-Mushiny AI, we have businesses in more than 20 developed countries and regions.  We have shipped over 3000 AGV/AMRs since establishment.  Our Goods-to-Person AGV/AMR solution was developed by our key founders of the company, most of whom are former Amazonians.  

MIWA Robotics

  Why MIWA Robotics?

  • Our patented AGV/AMR robots have the best-in-class industry performance:

    • Full safety controls and fireproof design

    • 6 feet/s speed, aluminum body weight 350 pounds, max load weight 2000 pounds

    • Fast charge, over 90% uptime

    • 3-year warranty(T&C applies)

  • Our Proprietary AI algorithm supported WMS, RMS system can manage inventory, and orders in real-time to maximize output, accuracy, and productivity​

  • Easily customize to your need

  • We commit less than 2 years of ROI

  • We commit the total project launch time to less than 3 months

  • 7/24 customer service

  • Our 5000 sqft AGV/AMR operated warehouse/showroom can be used as your trial warehouse before you made a decision

Our Team

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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