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6 Reasons To Implement A Warehouse AGV

AGV solutions are the way of the future when it comes to the supply line. Not only in storage, but also with management and distribution. Robotics have taken the world by storm and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have become incredibly popular in the way we manage our warehouses.

How to choose your AGV?

Bots of this nature come in different sizes and configurations. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. They are incredibly versatile machines that adapt to your processes, warehouse size, and boundaries. One of its most attractive features is its dynamic flexibility. Warehousing AGVs fit any configuration and spatial parameters.

Another great benefit of AGV solutions is that they are scalable. You can adapt and update your current configuration to meet new growth challenges as they start to present themselves. It’s critical to get in touch with a specialist for the initial setup and to get the right quote and configuration that’s malleable to your demands.

Benefits of AGVs – automated guided vehicles – in a warehouse

1. Flexible loading options

Warehousing AGVs can adapt to the size and makeup of your packages or parcels. They are highly customizable and updatable. This includes the weight they can withstand as well as size and configuration.

2. Cleaner and quieter

Warehousing AGVs require less maintenance and produce less noise pollution. They are extremely clean and quiet. One of their most important features is that, since they can operate independently, you can program them to work in off-hours. This last feature gives you greater control over noise contamination and how it affects your workforce.

3. Easy to install

Like most of its family members, drones, robotic vacuum cleaners, and all those AI-supplemented tools, AGV warehouse systems are incredibly easy to install, configure, and modify. They are adaptable to any space and can be updated to meet new challenges and growth issues.

4. Sleek and more lean

You will no longer have to deal with conveyor belts that are static and partly cemented into space. AGVs give your warehouse an open design that you can take advantage of. Automated Guided Vehicles are programmed to return to their charging station when necessary, usually scheduled during downtime in operations. Their road, the highway they use during hours of operation, is cleared whenever you need it.

5. Lower staff cost

Your overhead, when it comes to training and retaining, suddenly decreases. You no longer need a huge workforce to manually pick and pack items or transport and sort them. Warehousing AGVs are a great investment that pays dividends for years to come.

6. More efficient, safer

AGVs are robots – they are guided by smart technology and constantly update algorithms. Today’s automated guided vehicles have cameras, WiFi connectivity, collision sensor, laser-guided mechanism, and dozens of other tools that reduce the possibility of safety violations. They are human error-proof.

​Why do you need warehousing AGVs?

All warehouses can benefit from Warehousing AGVs – either on a grand scale or on a much lower one. They help maintain your competitive edge and adapt rapidly to challenges. They are a one-time investment that gives your team greater leeway when it comes to the things they can do and the contracts they can take. MIWA Robotics partners with multiple AGV vendors to provide you with units that meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to learn how AGVs might benefit your business.



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