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MIWA Robotics' Advanced Warehouse Solutions

Advanced warehouse solutions

Warehouse technologies have been advanced by leagues since the early days of logistics. Among the industrial trends, we see the adoption of new technologies relating to the (Industrial) Internet of Things, increased pressures on and demand for efficient and flexible distribution operations, and growth in use of automated solutions across key end markets.

It is expected that mobile robots will help companies to lower their increasing labor costs. Here are the main drivers of this movement:

  1. Automation optimizes customer fulfillment

  2. Scalable solutions enable growth

  3. Cost efficiency reduces hastens ROI

  4. Application for online grocery retail

  5. Optimization of operations

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have become an increasingly popular fixture in warehouses, production facilities and fulfillment centers across all sectors. They allow your facility to maximize efficiency, make the most of your personnel resources and maintain an optimal level of productivity. As AMRs have become more integrated into the everyday business and operational landscape, there have been enormous advancements in scalability, functionality and specialization. MIWA Robotics - warehouse automation experts will help you determine which types work best for your facility’s size, personnel needs, scope of operations and a variety of other factors.

Why has automation and collaborative mobile robotics grown so much in industry?

Though a young technology, AMRs come in a number of different varieties, which can be put to use in a variety of ways within an order fulfillment operation, including:

  • Transporting products and freight within a facility

  • Assisting in the picking process

  • Facilitating sortation

  • Increasing inventory visibility

By aiding an operation in these processes, AMRs have the potential to contribute a number of benefits which can improve your bottom line and help your operation become more profitable:

  • Increased Flexibility: Instead of following hard-set paths, AMRs are able to dynamically create their own efficient pathways from Point A to Point B within a facility, helping them to avoid obstacles and allowing for agile, modular automation.

  • Increased Safety: Packed to the gills with many sensors and cameras, AMRs can interpret and understand their environment in order to travel within a facility without colliding with obstacles such as product, infrastructure, or people.

  • Quick Implementation: AMRs can often be deployed within an operation in four to six weeks.

  • Modular Deployment: Because AMRs are relatively easy to implement within a facility, it is possible to follow a modular deployment system—starting with a few units and adding more as necessary as your operation grows and your needs change.

MIWA Robotics is a manufacturer and supplier of automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots for industrial and logistics automation. Here you can get AGVs and AMRs wholesale at factory price. We guarantee you a return on your investment within two years. Interested in learning more, please contact us.



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