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Looking For Reliable AGV Suppliers? Come MIWA Robotics

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Automation in material handling is the future

Mobile robots have already taken over many routine and strenuous tasks in manufacturing. They also handle a wealth of different materials in modern warehouses. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) are perfect for the next industrial revolution and they help improve ergonomics, safety and efficiency everywhere.

Employees willing to take on physically strenuous jobs and hard manual labour are harder than ever to find. Along with a general goal to optimise warehouse space, to make manufacturing flexible and to make better use of their employees, companies around the world are seeking to automate processes, increase efficiency and save costs.

This is a clear global trend, and a way to accomplish all of the above is to extend the use of AMRs and AGVs. These intelligent machines are going to handle a lot of materials in manufacturing and will help streamline stock management almost everywhere.

According to A3 (Association of Advancing Automation), 95% of warehouses today are not yet automated. However, Interact Analysis forecasts an increase in the installation rate of mobile robots to 10% by the year 2025. By then, the installed base will be around 2 million.

Platforms with deck-load functions are the most popular

A closer look at the current market shows that the deck-load type of mobile robots is the most commonly used. The typical tasks include moving unit loads, such as pallets, boxes or shelves. As well as taking over the classic transport task from A to B, mobile robots are increasingly used as a kind of flexible, mobile conveyer fit for the factory of the future.

Handling payloads requires a durable vertical lift, and to help you find the right solution, MIWA Robotics brings years of experience in this field.

If you want to know more about how electric actuators can support your AGV or AMR-application, please contact MIWA Robotics here.

Our solutions in material handling applications

Curious about MIWA Robotics solutions in autonomous mobile robots? Explore some cool applications from our customers.

The AGV is fully autonomous and operates side by side with employees, moving required spindle materials to the right processing stations. This ensures an accurate flow of materials while keeping track of stock status and material placement.


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