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Sorting AGV - An Efficient Parcel Sorting System

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a logistics transport vehicle with high safety performance and powerful functions, which can genuinely achieve unmanned operation. The use of AGVs in the warehouse will make the whole logistics process optimized, bringing a significant change to the logistics industry. Using AGVs that can work 24 hours a day in an automatic sorting system—the most time-consuming process in warehousing operations—will not only shorten the overall time used but also improves work efficiency. Therefore, a good AGV scheduling scheme will enable consumers' orders to be sorted and delivered to customers earlier, which will significantly enhance consumer experience and improve consumer satisfaction.

What benefits will Sorting AGV of MIWA Robotics- MIWA F152 bring you?

  • Intelligent scheduling system and super computing power

  • Intelligent traffic control and multi-vehicle scheduling capability in various scenarios;

  • Stable and efficient navigation mode, multi-path real-time planning, comprehensive monitoring of vehicle operation

  • Safe and efficient operation, convenient operation and maintenance

  • Modular design, radar obstacle avoidance function, safety boundary touching mechanism; on-demand configuration, short implementation cycle, and low cost

  • High-performance design

  • Floor sorting, customized height, slim body, supporting handling in narrow aisles and small space

  • Coordinating with material supply to the production line, supporting feeding while walking, and feeding two materials boxes at the same time

Advantages of MIWA F152

  • High speed: Empty/full load 2m/s

  • High flexibility: Double roller design, single and double roller action support

  • High load: 15kg*2/35kg*1

  • Highly optimized design: High strength SMC material, four-wheel spring floating, stronger obstacle surmounting capacity and high load

  • Height is customizable: 600-1000mm hight can be customized

A sorting AGV is an automated guided vehicle system that automates the sorting process in a warehouse. The sorting process can occur when the goods enter and inside the warehouse. By sorting, picking processes can be prepared and a variety of warehouse KPIs are optimized.


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